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NFL  Contracts
Negotiated by  
David B. Higgins
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I'm David B.Higgins, a professional sports
agent whose focus is representing those who
aspire to play football in the National Football
League (NFL).

Every year football players and their families
must make a serious decision on choosing an
agent. Before making this decision consider
representation by Higgins Pro Sports. . .
2008 NFL Combine:   
David B. Higgins &  
Arizona Cardinals  
Head Coach Ken
Petrowski signs
with Colts:

Former Indiana State and
Terre Haute North tight
end Jamie Petrowski
signs a  two-year deal
with the Indianapolis

Early Tuesday  morning
(Nov. 18th) Petrowski's
agent David B. Higgins
received a call from Chris
Polian  expressing an
interest in signing Jamie
Petrowski from the Titans'
practice squad.  Later that
day Petrowski agreed to
sign with the Colts.  
Petrowski was flown to
Indianapolis for the night.  
The next morning,
Petrowski and his agent
agreed to and signed a
contract with the Colts.  
“He didn’t want to have to
leave, but he wants to
play,’’ Petrowski’s agent,
David Higgins, told the
Tennessean. “He is
excited, but he really liked
the coaching staff at
Tennessee and
appreciated everything
they’ve done for him.
Hopefully it will open the
door for him to get out
there and play.’’
When can I sign/talk with an NFL agent?

Usually after your final college game.  You are allowed
to talk with an NFL agent as a senior but NCAA rules
prohibit signing with an agent while playing college
football. In some cases Junior athletes can petition the
NFL to enter the NFL draft early. (January 15 of each
year is usually the deadline).  The courts have decided
Sophomore players are not eligible for the NFL draft.  
Agents are prohibited from communicating with juniors
by the NFLPA.
Why an Attorney/Agent?

My experience as an attorney has provided me with
many valuable skills that the average agent does not

I understand the importance of representing my clients.
I take my representation of my clients seriously as their
futures and livelihoods often rest with me.

I understand the art of advocacy. The daily practice of
law is synonymous with being an advocate for a client.

I am very experienced in dealing with contracts and
negotiations. Being an effective negotiator is part of the
daily practice of law.

I have also developed great people skills. I have
learned to be a great communicator and routinely talk
to my clients regarding any subject.

I am governed by a strict Code of Ethics which sets
standards by which all attorneys must practice when
representing clients. The ethical rules Attorneys must
follow surpass those in any other profession.
by Higgins Pro

Jamie Petrowski-TE
Indiana State
University. Has
Played for the NFL
Titans, Colts and

Willie Tuitama - QB
University of Arizona
6' 3", 220 lbs.

Adrian Thomas- OL
University of Hawaii
6' 6", 320 lbs.

Curry Allen- WR
Southern University
6' 3", 209 lbs.

Jaermal Walls- DE
6' 2", 270lbs.

Bryan McCulley- RB
Indiana St. University

Clay Walker- G/C
6' 4", 305 lbs.
University of
News: Allocated to
NFL Europa by the
Tennessee Titans,
Frankfurt Galaxy TE
Jamie Petrowski had
37 catches for 516
yards and 5 TDs for
the regular season
and  World Bowl.
Dodds signs with
the Tiger-Cats

Former University of Utah
outside linebacker Corey
Dodds signed with the
Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the
Canadian Football
League.  Dodds is an
outstanding talent at
outside linebacker.  
Dodds is an opportunistic
player with great instincts
and an All-Conference
candidate at "Stud
Linebacker" his last two
years in college.
Most Recent
League Contract
Negotiated by
David B. Higgins
Higgins Pro Sports
The 2008 NFL
Scouting Combine
in Indianapolis:

335 college
eligible players;
over 600 owners,
coaches & scouts;
100s of agents.  
That was the
scene at the 2008
NFL Scouting
Combine.  Mr.
Higgins was in
Indianapolis for
the Combine and
to attend the
annual agents
meeting. Higgins
also took some
time to visit the
Petrowski family
who live in  Terre
Haute, Indiana.

Higgins spoke to
numerous NFL
coaches, Player
and scouts while
at the Combine.
Higgins stated, "no
where but the NFL
Combine do you
have the
opportunity to
speak to some
many important
team officials. I
look forward to the
Combine every
Certified  CFL Agent
2008 NFL Combine:  
Titan's Head Coach
Jeff Fisher takes a
moment from his
busy schedule to
speak to Mr. Higgins
News  Links:
Terre Haute Ch. 10
News:  Curry Allen signs with Higgins Pro Sports - 6'3"/  
205lbs, 4.5 speed WR- Southern University. Great at
catching the ball in traffic, understands how to get open.
News:  Jaermal Walls
signs with Higgins
Pro Sports- 6'2"/
270lbs. Defensive
End. Played for
"Mr. Higgins
addresses how
endorsement deals
can be damaged by
a criminal charge
against an athlete."
Channel 12 News
highlight vs.
Raiders (2008)
News:  Willie Tuitama signs with Higgins Pro Sports.  3-year
starting QB for the University of Arizona was awarded
all-Conference honors as a senior for passing numbers.
News:  Adrian Thomas signs with Higgins Pro Sports.  At  
6'6", 310 lbs.  Adrian was a force on Hawaii offensive line at
the guard and tackle positions.
2011 NFL Combine:  
David B. Higgins and
Dallas Cowboys' Head
Coach Jason Garrett